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Innovation Meetups

The primary purpose of these meetups is to support an active and growing innovation and human-centered design community of interest. We want to do this through training, teaching, practicing and sharing our experiences. 

We also want the meetups to serve as a conduit to give individuals the tools, know-how, and moral support needed to champion openness, innovation and human-centered design in their own teams. 

The meetups aim to: 

  • Build and grow an innovation community over time,
  • Provide an open space to bring together multiple perspectives around innovation in the government, and
  • Identify gaps at the department level for talent and innovation work

Past Events:

Event announcement graphic titled "Innovation Meetup Number 2" and description text, "Join us for a discussion on Trends in Federal Civilian AI Applications with guest speaker John Janek. April 14, 2021. The innovation Meetup is a quarterly community gathering of innovators, makers, designers, and builders across the State Department hosted by GPA Digital Lab."

Meetup No.2

A discussion with guest speaker John Janek about Trends in Federal Civilian AI Applications.

April 14, 2021

Event announcement graphic titled, "Innovation Meetup Number 1" with description text, "Join us for a lighthearted gathering where we connect as a human-centered design and innovation community. We hope to learn from one another, share our experiences, and hear from experts both in and outside government. January 13, 2021."

Meetup No.1

The inaugural Innovation Meetup hosted by GPA Digital Lab.

January 13, 2021