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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is an initiative to create and distribute rich, interactive, informative, and inspiring stories told from new and unique human perspectives about the impact of U.S. foreign policy for foreign and domestic audiences.

Our goal is to communicate our policy priorities to audiences in ways that engage, resonate, and inspire, by applying the time-tested tenets of storytelling to today’s interactive technology. In late April, the Digital Lab launched the first of four stories as part of the Digital Storytelling Pilot.

What is Food Security?

This story introduces the concept of food security, which is having enough safe and nutritious food to eat. It goes on to describe how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased food insecurity and shows what the U.S. and its partners are doing to address the crisis.

What is Food Security?

This is a Warning

In our next story, we exposed the lies that Russian officials are spreading about Putin’s February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We directly countering government-sponsored messages on social media and messaging apps that paint Russia as a generous humanitarian actor remedying the suffering caused by Ukraine’s government.

What is a “Special Military Operation”?

This digital story is also available in Arabic, French, Kiswahili, Russian, and Ukrainian.

What is a “Special Military Operation”?

This interactive narrative that juxtaposes official Kremlin statements about the Russian invasion of Ukraine with images of the harsh reality on the ground created shockwaves on social media when it was shared with the public.

What is a “Special Military Operation”?

This digital story is also available in Russian.

From Blue to Green: Transforming Jobs Around the World

In this digital story, produced in partnership with GPA Content (GPA/CN), you’ll meet two people on the front lines of the green jobs revolution — Tim, a construction foreman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Sandra, a renewable energy specialist from Bogotá, Colombia. Despite the miles that separate them, Tim and Sandra and the communities they represent share much in common.

From Blue to Green: Transforming Jobs Around the World

This digital story is also available in Spanish.