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Digital Lab

We are the Digital Lab.

The Digital Lab’s mission is to solve intractable problems of strategic significance using design thinking and modern technology and to promote best practices across the U.S. Department of State as the center of excellence for design thinking and innovation.

Have an Idea?

The LAB is looking for new ideas that can be documented as future project opportunities for the team to evaluate and potentially incubate via R&D process. Complete our intake form and have your idea evaluated by the LAB.

This is our Process.

The goal of the Digital Lab’s (LAB) Research & Development (R&D) Framework is to incubate innovative solutions, services, and processes for Department communicators to enable engagement and understanding of US foreign policy with American audiences and foreign publics.​ The R&D Framework consists of five key phases as outlined below: 

Project Spotlight

The Digital Lab has completed many successful projects that have positively impacted the Bureau. View Our Projects for additional project information. 

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is an initiative to create and distribute rich, interactive, informative, and inspiring stories told from new and unique human perspectives about the impact of U.S. foreign policy for foreign and domestic audiences.