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Digital Storytelling

Project Overview

Digital Storytelling is an initiative to create and distribute rich, interactive, informative, and inspiring stories told from new and unique human perspectives about the impact of U.S. foreign policy for foreign and domestic audiences.

Our goal is to communicate our policy priorities to audiences in ways that engage, resonate, and inspire, by applying the time-tested tenets of storytelling to today’s interactive technology. In late April, the Digital Lab launched the first of four stories as part of the Digital Storytelling Pilot.

The Stories

How Well Do you Know the United Nations?

Released during the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, this story reprises the quiz component to engage visitors in learning about the UN. The story included a custom “share my score” button to reduce the friction for users who want to brag about how well the did on the quiz.

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182 Days

August 24 is Ukraine’s national day, a holiday celebrating its declaration of independence from the U.S.S.R. in 1991. This year, that historic date also marks six months since the start of Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion. This story uses stark images and monochromatic overlays to emphasize Russian brutality in the war.

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This digital story is also available in Russian and Ukrainian.

Digital Storytelling Full Catalog

To view the full catalog of digital stories, visit stories.state.gov