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Press Inquiries

Project Overview

The Digital Lab was tasked with analyzing the inquiry workflow to provide options and recommendations for enhancing the current process of press inquiries. The primary goal was to ensure the recommended process enhances the overall usability for the Press team.

The LAB worked with Press Officers, journalists, and subject matter experts to examine the workflow, roles, and unique dynamics of the day-to-day press inquiries process and researched potential solutions, including existing FedRAMP approved tools and systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk.

Result & Impact

The team recommended Salesforce as the best solution for managing press inquiries. Lab successfully oversaw the onboarding process of the Press Office to the Department’s Salesforce instance. 

Now press inquiries are managed in an industry standard platform, allowing press officers to respond to members of the press in a timely and organized manner.